After nearly 40 years of travel and life abroad, home is a townhouse on a hillside in California. This blog is dedicated to all who desire to grow things in small places, to eat fresh foods, and make the world a better place.


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The Lady Bird Beetle has Emerged from the Chrysalis

It Emerged! Metamorphosis is Complete! If you would like to see the live action of the pupa stage, check out the YouTube videos available he...

California Arroyo Live Camera

 A California Arroyo live cam Who knows what will come by? In the past, we have spotted road runners, coyotes, rabbits, and all sorts of bir...

Dove Cam Live May 8


Dove Cam Setup

I expect the residents of the my YouTube live dove nest to leave in the next week. The chicks are turning into fledglings, trying out their ...

Dove Cam Live May 7


Live Cam of a Lady Bird Beetle Chrysalis

 It doesn't get anymore exciting as this. You can watch a LadyBird emerge from its pupa, the last stage of complete metamorphosis.  It s...

Dove Cam Live May 6


Dove Cam Live on May 5

Spotted, two chicks in the Nest!

Dove Cam Live on May 4


A long, long time ago, back when people went to see movies in crowded theaters, I saw the move " The Color of Pomegranates ," whic...

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